Dr. med. Helen Schaufelberger

Formazione professionale

Attività clinica

1979-1985 Medical school, university of Basle
1985Federal graduation, in medicine
1986Doctor promotion: dissertation on “Parasuicide in the Italian and Spanish
population of Switzerland” university Basle Prof. R. Battegay
1989Graduation in medicine and surgery, university of Bologna, Italy
1986-1988Resident in surgery and internal medicine, district Hospital Herisau/AR
1989-1992Resident in internal medicine university Hospital, Basle
(Prof. W. Stauffacher)
1992-1993Registrar Gl unit Central Middlesex Hospital, London
(J.J. Misiewicz, FRCP)
1993-1995Fellow in Gastroenterology university Hospital Basle (Prof. GA Stalder)
1995Facharzttitel FMH for internal medicine and gastroenterology
GI outpatient practice, Via Trevano 38, 6900 Lugano,
GI consultant Clinica Luganese Moncucco
2005-2006President Swiss Society of Proctology
2009-2013President AGASI Associazione Gastroenterologi della Svizzera Italiana
helen schaufelberger medico


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